Darwin Chambers Environmental Stability Chamber Incubator, Model PH024-RC-DA SOLD

-Temperature Range: 20-60 degrees celsius
-Control of Temperature at Sensor: + or - 0.2 degrees celsius
-Temperature Sensor Accuracy: + or - 0.2 degrees celsius
-Humidity Range: Ambient to 90 percent
-Humidity Control at Sensor: + or - 0.2 percent
-Humidity Sensor Accuracy: + or - 0.8 percent RH @ 23 degrees celsius
-Interior cubic feet: 24
Temperature / Relative Humidity control and uniformity specifications assume standard operation in a controlled ambient condition of 72 degrees fahrenheit and RH at or below 50 percent.

Chamber features microprocessor controller with PID, Auto tuning, programmable (hi/lo) alarms, ability to ramp/soak, process variable and set-point variable offset, dual display of actual and set-point temperature and humidity.

300 series brushed stainless steel exterior front, brushed aluminum finish exterior sides, white polyester-coated aluminum interior and stainless steel floor with covered corners.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Future Design Chart recorder with Dual pen and digital display, Model DR5000.
Four adjustable shelves
5 Gallon Gravity feed water storage tank

The current chart is a Honeywell, PN 240016610601, -30 to 70 degrees C and 0-100 units for humidity.

Has compressed air connection with solenoid valve and flow meter for dry air hookup dehumidification for more accurate control at or below ambient humidity levels.

Fully tested at 20 and 40 degrees celsius with ambient temperature of 72 degrees fahrenheit, guaranteed to meet original manufacturer’s specifications.

Interior Dimensions: 23"W x 24"D x 61
Overall Dimensions: 27"W x 35"D x 88"H
Net Weight: 300 pounds

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