Bibby Scientific Stuart Automatic Melting Point Apparatus, Model SMP40

General description: The SMP40 automatic melting point uses the latest technology in digital image processing to accurately identify the melt of up to three samples simultaneously.

Melt can be watched real time or the video can automatically be saved as an AVI file that can be reviewed later, either on the unit or via PC, providing traceability long after the sample has gone. The result can also be overridden if for any reason you don't agree with the result calculated by the image-processing algorithm.

The SMP40 has an innovative split design concept, the unit can be used as normal or the control side and the melt side can be separated, allowing for the maximum in footprint flexibility. After the samples have been loaded the melt side of the unit can be placed at the back of the bench or even in a fume cupboard to catch any potentially dangerous fumes.

The SMP40 is fully programmable via the touch screen display, once the user has set the plateau temperature up to the maximum temperature of 400̊C they can select the ramp rate, between 0.1 and 10̊C in 0.1̊C increments.

The unit can store up to 200 result files with videos, if required data can be easily transferred from the unit to a flash memory drive or PC via one of the USB connectors.

The unit has been designed to include a number of other useful features such as slots to accommodate pre-prepared samples and a draw to house your unused melting point tubes. Also included in the draw is a handy glass cutter, which can be used to accurately cut tubes in half quickly and cleanly for users who prefer to use half tubes.

All units are supplied with a calibration certificate showing individual serial numbers for traceability and 100 melting point tubes closed at both ends. The SMP40 conforms to Pharmacopoeia and GLP.

• Maximum temperature 400̊C
• Utilizes latest technology in digital imaging
• 5.7" colour VGA touch screen display
• Unique split design concept
• Integrated cooling 350̊C to 50̊C in 10 minutes
• Heat up time 50̊C to 350̊C in 6 mins
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