Fisher Hamilton Laboratory Benches, Cabinets, Casework and Fume Hoods

11 Fume Hoods, plus approximately 200 feet of Lab Benches along walls, plus 150 feet of double sided center islands listed below
Center Islands:
118"L x 54"W- Qty: 4
180"L x 60"W- Qty: 1
150"L x 60"W- Qty: 1
172"L x 60"W- Qty: 2
184"L x 60"W- Qty: 2
144"L x 54"W- Qty: 1
190"L x 54"W- Qty: 1
Hamilton Built in Fume Hoods:
5' Wide- Qty: 7
4' Wide- Qty: 4
Large sliding glass door floor cabinets- Qty: 5 as shown in photos.
Wall hung sliding glass door cabinets- Qty: 12 as shown in photos.
Cabinets include epoxy chemical resistant tops, electrical and plumbing as shown in photos.
Casework and hoods are located in Kansas City, Missouri.
Casework is matching genuine Fisher Hamilton brand.
The cabinets and hoods need to be removed from site (electrical and plumbing disconnects required).
Deadline for removal is the end of January 2017.
Miscellaneous Laboratory

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