Fisher Scientific Adapters for Eight Place Drum Rotor, Catalog No. 04-976-800,

For use in Marathon 21K, 21K/R, 21K/BR, 10K, 10K/R, 10K/BR Centrifuges
Tube Adapters: (in stock)
Catalog No. 04-974-800A, 1 x 94mL, Tube up to 37mm diam x 105mm long
Catalog No. 04-974-800E, 2 x 12mL, Tubes up to 17mm diam. x 112.5mm long
Catalog No. 04-974-800J, 15 x 1.5mL Horizontal Tube Rack, Tubes up to 11mm diam. x 47.5mm long
Centrifuges -> Adapters

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