Beckman Adapters, Model 356995, 5 x 15mL (blue)

Six Available - New In Package
Six Available
For JS-7.5, GA-6, Type 16, JA-14 and TA-10-250 Rotors
For use in Allegra 6, Allegra 25R, J-2 and J6 Series Centrifuges
(J2-MI, J2-MC, J2-HS, J2-21M)
(J221M, J2MI, J2MC, J2HS)
(J6-MI, J6-MC, J6-HC, J-6M, J-6B)
(J6B, J6MI, J6MC, J6HC)
5 x 15 mL
Centrifuges -> Adapters

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