Sorvall Adapter, Model 00830, 4 x 50mL Conical (Black/Blue)

Tube size: 50 mL (Conical Skirted)
Same as 00438
For H-1000B, H-1000, H-2000B, H-2000 and RTH-250 Rotors used in Sorvall RT-7, RT-6000D, RT-6000B, T-6000D, T-6000B, RC-3C Plus, RC-3B Plus and GLC-4 centrifuges
H1000, H1000B, H2000, H2000B, RTH250, RT7, RT6000D, RT6000B, T6000D, T6000B, RC3C, GLC4
Centrifuges -> Adapters

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