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A.P. Buck Mini-Buck Calibrator, Model M-30
Abatement Tech HEPA-AIRE 2000
Aero Porta Shower, Teleshower S5000T-telescoping portable showers
Air Techniques Portable DOP Face Fit Tester, Model TDA-80
Alnor Compuflow, Model 8500D-1
Aquaglow Series II Water in Oil Tester
Bacharach 502 Sniffer for Combustible Gas & Oxygen
Bacharach Gas Detector, Model CSSP
Bendix Gastec Precision Gas Detector, Model 800, PN 7010657-1
Biosystems C0 Handheld Monitor, Model 3300
Biosystems H2S Handheld Monitor, Model 3200
Buck Calibrator
Carle TA FID Model 3000 Thermal Analyzer
CEA Instruments Air Monitor, Model TGM 555
Controlotron Wide Beam Clamps, Model System 960
Denco Total Containment Device, Model B40
Dupont Permissible Audio Dosimeters, Model D-376
Dupont Pro-Tek Calorimetric Air Monitoring Badge System
Dynamation Gas Monitor, Model 088
Eberline Air Sampler, Model RAS-1
Eberline Alpha Air Monitor, Model 5A
Eberline Geiger Counter, Model E-120
Eberline Radiation monitor, Model RM-3A
Eberline TLD Reader, Model TLR-5
EES 842 Combustion Efficiency Computer
EG&G Carbon Monoxide Monitor, Model 60
Energy Efficiency Systems Combustion Analyzer, Model 100
Envirochem Dual Power Controller
Envirochem Gas Inlet
Envirochem Unacon, Model 810A
Equimeter Gas Meter, Model MR-5
Ericsen Carbon Dioxide Analyzer, Model E100
Fischer + Porter Chlorine Detector, Model 17CA1010
Fischer + Porter Chlorine Detector, Model 17CA1010A
Fisher Scientific Sulphur Analyzer, Model 470 w/ 472 high temp oven
Fisher-Johns Melting Point Apparatus, Model 1079
Frontier Emterprises, Model FE250A
Portable Enclosure with blower in travel case
GasTech Halide Detector
GasTech Hydrogen Sulfide Detector, Model HS-80
GCA MIE Thermo Electron Fibrous Aerosol Monitor, Model FAM-1
GCA FAM-1 is designed to detect, length- discriminate, and count n individual airborne fibers in real time. Will detect chrysotile and amosite asbestos, glass fibers, carbon fibers, silicon carbide fibers, and many other fibers. Concentration Range: 0.0001 to 25 fibers per cubic centimeter. Detectable Fiber Length: 1 to 300 microns. Detectable Fiber Diameter: 0.2 to 20 microns. Sample Flow Rate: 2 liters per minute
GCA Respirable Dust Monitor, Model RPM-201
GE Carbon Monoxide Detector, Model 15EC53C01
General Electric Halogen Leak Standard, Model LS-20
GE, G.E.
General Microwave Radiation Hazard Meter, Model 481B
Gerin Oil Condition Test Kit, Model DCA300
Grundig (Plessey) Portable Salinometer, Model 6230N
Hach Ammonia Nitrogen Test Kit, Model NI-8
Hach Turbidimeter, Model 2100A
Hach Turbidimeter, Model 2100P
Hastings Air Meter, Model G-11
Hi-Q Air Flow Meter, Model DSC-3
Hi-Q Air Sampler, Model CMP-13CV
Hi-Q Air Sampler, Model CMP-14CV
High Tech Systems Multi Gas Sensor System, Model SS-500
Horiba CO2 Testers
Horiba Lake Water Tester, Type U-7
Hughes Lan Systems, Model Enterprise Hub
Hughes Probeye Infrared Viewer, Model 650
Humonics Digital Flow Meter, Model Optiflow 520
Industrial Scientific Dual Rate Charger, Model 1810-1881
Industrial Scientific Toxic Gas Detectors, Model TMX 410
Instruments For Research Water Flow Monitor, Model WFM
Interscan NO2 Meter, Model 1154
Interscan SO2 Meter, Model 1248
Ion Track Explosive Detector, Model 97
Ircon Infrared Radiation Monitor, Model Moduline
Catalog 608C15
Justrite Funnel, Safety Drum
Justrite Safety Can, Model 1080
Justrite Safety Can, Plastic, Model 14561
Justrite Safety Can, Plastic, Model 14565
Kurz Air Velocity Calibration System, Model 400A
Kurz Flowmeter, Digital Mass, Model 545-1
Ludlum Analyzer, Model 18
Ludlum Counter, Model 2200-12
Ludlum Detector, Model 177
Ludlum Geiger Counter, Model 2
Ludlum Rate Meter, Models 28 & 28L
Ludlum Scaler Ratemeter, Model 2500
Ludlum Survey Meter, Model 2
Mast 1724 Oxidant Monitor
MDA Sieger Toxic Gas Detector, Model 3061
MESA Audio Dosimeter, Model D-376
MESA Methane Detector, Model 911
MESA Methane Indicating Detector, Model 911MSA Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Model 701
MESA Noise Exposure Monitor, Model 1954-9710
MESA Permissible Audio Dosimeter, Type D, large quantity
Monitor Labs Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer, Model 8440
Catalog 844-050200
MSA Breathing Apparatus, Model Ultralite Cub, Catalog 476013
MSA Chemo Oxy Breathing Apparatus, Model 96578
MSA Combustible GAS & O2 Alarm, Model 260
MSA Explosimeter, Combustible Gas Indicator, Model 2A
MSA Explosimeter, Model 40
MSA Gas Calibration Kit, Catalog 461768
MSA Oxygen Canister, Model 95710
MSA Oxygen Indicator, Model 245
MSA Oxygen Indicator, Model 245R
MSA Oxygen Indicator, Model 3
MSA Oxygen Indicator, Model E
MSA Portable Air Sampler, Model C-210
MSA Portable Pump, Model Flow-Lite
Catalog 482700
MSA Portable Pump, Model G
Catalog 469700
MSA Universal Testing Kit, Catalog 83498 and 83500
MSHA Portable Pump, Model 48700
National Draeger Simulator, Model MKIIA
Norton Filters, Model N7500-1
Omnidata Datapod DP220 Digital Rec, hygrothermograph, 2 ch
Phoenix Aerosol Photometer, Model JM-7000
Plymouth Air Filter System, Model MK-1200
Quest Permissible Noise Dosimeter, Model Micro 15
Radical Corp. Radiation Monitor, Model 1015
Regniers Air Slit Sampler, Model FD-100
Riken Gas Indicator, Model Type 18
Brand new in box l1806H
Royco Laser Aerosol Counter, Model 226
Scott Acid & Organic Vapor Mask, PN 60121215, NEW
Simpson Pyrometer, Model Special
Sims Anemometer, Model DIC-3
Survivair Air Tank, Model 915145
Survivair Full Face Piece Assembly, Model 3200-00
Survivair Tank Regulator, Model 911801
Survivair Tanks and Regulators
Technique Pyrotest, Model 93
TSI Air Velocity Meter, Model 1640
TSI Air Velocity Meter, Model 1650
Tyvek Coverall, Model TY 125 SWH 2X 002500
Box of 25
Tyvek Coverall, Model TY 125 SWH 3X 002500
Box of 25
UTI RF Generator, Model 100C
UTI Spectralink, Model 100C
Victoreen XenAlert Room Air/Trap Monitor, Model XE-133
Vista Scientific Heat Stress Computer, Model 858
Vista Scientific Heat Stress Monitor, Model 860
WEE Inc. Expirometer
Wet Test Meters
WMB Johnson Air Sampler / Survey meter, Model GSM-105
AID Portable Total Hydrocarbon, Model 710 w/910 Controller
Anarad Infrared Gas Analyzer, Model AR-500 Series
Antek 707C Nitrogen Analyzer, Mdl 720 Nitrogen Detector w/772Pyroreactor
Bacharach CO2 Analyzer, Model 2820
Bacharach CO2 Analyzer, Model 3100
Bacharach Mercury Sniffer, Model MV2
Bacharach Sniffer, Model 502
Beckman Total Organic Carbon, Model Tocamaster 915B for organic and inorganics
Delta Scientific Automatic Chlorine Analyzer, Model 8324
Dohrmann Carbon Analyzer, Model 8111
Dohrmann Reaction Module, Model DC-80
Dupont Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer, Model 983
Ecolyzer CO Analyzer, Model 2000
EES Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, Model 60
Envirogard III, PID
Fibertec Hot Extractor, Model 1010
Foxboro Ambient Air Analyzer, Model Miran 1B
Foxboro Ambient Air Analyzer, Model Miran 1B2
Foxboro Ambient Air Analyzer, Model Miran 1BX
Foxboro Infrared Gas Analyzer, Model Miran 80 w/20meter cell
Foxboro Infrared Gas Analyzer, Model Miran 980 w/20 meter celISCO Waste Water Samplers, Model 1840
Horiba Infrared Analyzer, Model 221
Horiba Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, Model CAPA 700
ISCO Waste Water Sampler, Model 1580
ISCO Waste Water Sampler, Model 1840
Labconco Kjedahl Heating Block, Catalog No. 23021
Leco Sulfur Determinator/Induction Furnace, Model 763-300/790-100
Mettler Thermoanalyzer, Type T-WR
MSA Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Model 701
MSA Gas Analyzer, Model Minigard III
MSA Lira Infrared Gas Analyzer, Model 202
MSA Lira Infrared Gas Analyzer, Model 3000 (Digital, non-dispersive)
MSA Oxygen Analyzer, Model 802
MSA Pyrolyzer, Catalog 87505
National Draeger Toxic Gas Analyzer, Model Ecolyzer, Catalog 4502146
National Drager Toxic Gas Analyzer/Ecolyzer, PN 4502146L
NCE Battery Analyzer, Model BC 1000
Neotronics Portable Combustion Optimizer, Model 960 (ppm Carbon Monoxide
Sybron Photochemical Organic Carbon Analyzer, Model E3500
Teledyne Portable Oxygen Analyzer
Timeter Calibration Analyzer, Model RT-200
Trio-Tech Gross Leak Detector, Model G-203
TSI Intelligent Flow Analyzer, Model IFA 100
Catalog No.- 158
UTI Precision Gas Analyzer, Model 100C
Wilkes Miran, Model 1A-CVF
Wilks Infrared Analyzer, Model 1A-CVF
Wilks Infrared Analyzer, Model 80-0003
Wilks Specific Vapor Analyzer, Model Miran 103
Sampling Pumps
Bendix Air Sampling Pump, Model 4-19102
PN 419102
Bendix Battery Charger, Model 565
Bendix Battery Charger, Model 570
Bendix Calibration kit, Model 3-1155-21
Bendix High Volume, PN 3-2250-10, w/calibration kit, PN 3-1155-21, 70 cubic fpm, 4" filter
Bendix Super Sampler Air Pumps, Model BDX 44
Dupont Air Sampling Pump Calibrator
Dupont Alpha I Air Sampler
Dupont Audio Dosimeter Readout, Type R-225
Dupont P-2500 & P30A, P200A, P4000 Port Air Sampling Pumps
Gilian Buck Calibrator
Gilian HFS Pump Calibrator, Model IHCP300HL
Gilian HFS113AP, High Volume Programmable Air Sampling Pumps
Gilian High Volume Air Sampling Pumps, Model HFS 113
Gilian High Volume Air Sampling Pumps, Model HFS 113A
Gilian LFS113D, Dual Model Low Volume Air Sampling Pumps
Gilian Multi-Station Charger, Model C400141
Gilian Primary Flow Calibrator, Model D-800268
Gilian Pump Calibrator, Model HFS
Gilian The Gilibrator
Mattson-Garvin Air Sampler, Digital, Model 220
MDA Scientific Electronic Pump Calibrator, Model Accucal
MDA Scientific Single Point Monitor, Model SPMZ-PURGE
MESA / Bendix Super Sampler Pumps
MSA Fixt-Flo High Volume Air Sampler, 6" Filter
Research Appliance Co. A.I.S.I. Air Sampler w/recorder
Sensidyne Gastec Pump, Model 800
Sipin Air Sampling Pump, Model SP-15
SKC Accuflow, Model 712
SKC Air Sampling Pump, Model 222-4
SKC Air Sampling Pump, Model 224-1750
SKC Battery Charger, Model 224-16
Staplex Air Pump, Model VM-3