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A & D Co. Electronic Balance, Model FX-6000
Ainsworth Analytical Balance, Model SC
Ainsworth Analytical Balance, Model SCK
Ainsworth Analytical Balance, Model SCN
Ainsworth Semi-Micro Balance, Model 24N
Ainsworth Top Loading Balance, Model SC200
American Dynamics Camera Controller, Model AD1200
American Scientific Balance, Model Dual Pan
APS Compute-A-Charge, Model CC-800
Arbor Balance, Top Loading, Model 107
Aristo Grid Lamp, Model VA-10
Arizona Instruments Moisture Analyzer, Model MA-50
Arizona Instruments Moisture Balance, Computrac, Model MAX50
Denver Instruments Balance, Model XL-400D
Federal Pacific Precision Balance, Model LG
Fisher Scientific Balance, Model XT 400E
Fisher Scientific Balance, Top Load, Model 7204
Fisher Scientific Balance, Top Load, Model XT-3000
Fisher Scientific Balance, Top Load, Model XT-660
Fisher Scientific Balance, Triple Beam, Model Triple Beam
Harvard Trip Balance, Model 2 Kg
Johnson Precisa Balance, Top Loading, Model 6000D
Ktron Balance, Top Loading, Model DS-1
Ktron Balance, Top Loading, Model KS-1
Mettler Analytical Balance, Model AE100
Mettler Balance, Model AE260
Mettler Balance, Model BA25
Mettler Balance, Model E 1000
Mettler Balance, Model H 10T
Mettler Balance, Model H16
Mettler Balance, Model H20
Mettler Balance, Model H20T
Mettler Balance, Model H30
Mettler Balance, Model H31
Mettler Balance, Model H33
Mettler Balance, Model H35AR
Mettler Balance, Model H4
Mettler Balance, Model H45
Mettler Balance, Model H51
Mettler Balance, Model H51AR
Mettler Balance, Model H54
Mettler Balance, Model H54AR
Mettler Balance, Model H8
Mettler Balance, Model HE10
Mettler Balance, Model HL52
Mettler Balance, Model M5
Mettler Balance, Model P10
Mettler Balance, Model P1200N
Mettler Balance, Model P163
Mettler Balance, Model P2010N
Mettler Balance, Model PC180
Mettler Balance, Model PC440
Mettler Balance, Model PL300
Mettler Balance, Model PN163
Mettler Balance, Model PR1200
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model 323
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model AC100
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model D163
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model E2000
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model K7T
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model P1000
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model P1200
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model P160
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model P162
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model PL200
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model PL3000
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model PM30
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model PN323
Mettler Balance, Top Loading, Model PT1200
Mettler Data Interface, Option 012
Mettler Microbalance, Model M3, 0-150mg, readability 1 microgram
Mettler Sample Changer, Model ST20
Mettler Thermobalance, Model TG50
Mettler Toledo Balance, Model XS603S
Includes: Printer, Model RS-P42 CarePac M Calibration weight set containing one each 500g / 20g / 100mg weights Calibration set containing one 200g weight
Mettler Toledo Platform, Model 2095
Mettler Toledo Printer, Model SQC14
Mettler Toledo Scale, Model 8582
Mettler, analytical single pan and top loading,several units
Neopast Scale, Model WP Series
Oertling Balance, Analytical, Model R-20
Ohaus 20kg Balance
Ohaus Balance, Analytical Plus, Model AP110S
Ohaus Balance, Digital, Model TS00S
Ohaus Balance, Explorer, Model EOF110
6100 gram Max
Ohaus Balance, Explorer, Model EOH110
8100 gram Max
Ohaus Balance, Model Dial-O-Gram
Ohaus Balance, Model Harvard Trip
Ohaus Balance, Moisture Determination, Model 6010
Ohaus Balance, Navigator, Model N1H110
Ohaus Balance, Top Load, Model E400
Ohaus Balance, Top Loading, Model Autogram 1000
Ohaus Balance, Triple Beam, Model 700
Ohaus Balance, Triple Beam, Model CG33
Perkin Elmer Autobalance, Model AD-2
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Autobalance, Model AD-2Z
P.E., PE
Perkin Elmer Balance Control, Model TGS-2
P.E., PE, TGS2
Perkin Elmer Weighing Station for AD-2
P.E., PE
RADWAG Balance, Model AS 82/220.R2, New
RADWAG Balance, Model WTC 600, New
Sartorius Balance, Model 1105
Sartorius Balance, Model 1204MP
Sartorius Balance, Model 1212MP
Sartorius Balance, Model 1401
Sartorius Balance, Model 1409
Sartorius Balance, Model 1413
Sartorius Balance, Model 1712MP8
Sartorius Balance, Model 1712V94
Sartorius Balance, Model 2003MP1
Sartorius Balance, Model 2113
Sartorius Balance, Model 225150400
Sartorius Balance, Model 2255S0400
Sartorius Balance, Model 2355
Sartorius Balance, Model 2432
Sartorius Balance, Model 2474
Sartorius Balance, Model BP4100
Sartorius Balance, Model L610D
Sartorius Balance, Model M1401 MP8-1
Sartorius Balance, Model R 160 P
Sartorius Balance, Model R 180 D
Sartorius Data Printer, Model 7179
Setra Balance, Top Load, Model 1000
Sybron Balance, Digimetric, Model 300T
Toledo Scale, Model 031Y
Torsion Balance, 2 Kg, Model DH-2
Torsion Balance, Model 6670-119-4623
Catalog No.- DSA-72-C-2698
Torsion Balance, Model AN-1
Torsion Balance, Model DWL 2-1
Torsion Balance, Model RX-1
Transcell Balance, Model SPS-70
Troemner Balance, Model 800
Troemner Calibration Weight Set
Troemner Calibration Weight, Model 1 Kg
Troemner Calibration Weight, Model 10 Kg
Troemner Calibration Weight, Model 5 Kg
Vernitron Electrobalance, Model Cahn 25
Micro Balance
Cahn / Vernitron Microbalance, Model 1000
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 1
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 26
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 27
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 4100
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 4600
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 7500
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 7500-1
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 7500-10 DTL
Cahn Electrobalance, Model 7500-7 DTL
Cahn Electrobalance, Model DTL
Cahn Electrobalance, Model G
Cahn Electrobalance, Model RTL
Cahn Microbalance, Model 10930-OIF
Cahn Microbalance, Model 25
Cahn Microbalance, Model 4700
Cahn Microbalance, Model C-30
Cahn Vacuum Ultra Microbalance, Mdl 100
A&D Moisture Analyzer Model MX-50, 51 g x 0.001 g (0.01% moisture content)
Quick & Easy Measurements: 4 Selectable heating modes from standard, quick, step and ramp that help customize heating curves to your unique sample types for accuracy & precision. 5 Selectable measurement programs to best fit sample and process with STANDARD, QUICK, AUTOMATIC, TIMER, MANUAL. Clear & easy-to-view with the large VFD display means setting values, change in moisture content, action status indicators, and data number are clearly visible. Safe & Reliable Design: Easy handles & ergonomic design helps to prevent burn injuries while improving workflow movements of samples in and out efficiently. Self Check functions such as defect check function along with temperature control checks have you covered. Progress window allows easy visibility to see heating process through translucent window. Quick Reference Card for convenient operating guide is installed at the bottom of the analyzer. Compliant & Traceable Reporting: Data Interface is a breeze with RS-232C interface and WinCT–Moisture software(not included) that helps determine measurement conditions as well as optimize time & accuracy. Data memory function allows for test results to be stored and recalled or outputted for additional analysis. GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO compliant with date/time, ID, calibration data and check record outputs. Measurement Mode: Moisture content (Wet or Dry base) , Dry content, Ratio, Weight Drying Temperature: 50-200 degrees Celsius (1 degree increments) Pan Size: 3.3" Round Heating Technology: Halogen lamp (Straight type, 400 Watt max, 5000 hours)
Cenco Moisture Balance, Model AC
CSC Scientific Moisture Balance, Model 26680-1
Catalog No. 26680-1
Ohaus Moisture Analyzer, Model MB23, 110g Capacity
The MB23 provides precise moisture content determination at an unbeatable value. With a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g capacity with a readability of 0.01g/0.1% and an non-glass infrared heating element, the MB23 offers moisture analysis for any budget. Applications: Percent Moisture Determination, Percent Solid Determination, Weighing Product parameters: Range: 110g Readability: 0.01g Readability (> 10g sample): 0.1% Repeatability (3g sample): 0.3% Repeatability (10g sample): 0.2% The minimum sample volume: 0.5g Recommended amount of sample: 3 ~ 20g Pan size: Diameter 90mm Temperature program: Standard Environmental Operating temperature: 10 ̊ C -30 ̊ C Communication: RS232 bidirectional Endpoint control: timer, automatic Heating temperature: 50 ̊C to 160 ̊C (5 ̊C of a ladder) Display: Moisture% solids%, weight, time, temperature 3 shut off criteria (manual, timed or auto) Heating time: 1 to 60 minutes 30 seconds of the step size, the step size of 60 to 90 minutes to 1 minute Sample pan handle: Standard Heating source: infrared heating The MB23 utilizes a metallic sheathed - no glass infrared heating element for drying of samples. With a bright backlit LCD and easy one-button setup and menu navigation, MB23 is extremely user-friendly. MB23 is very easy-to-clean to ensure the integrity of your samples and its compact design allows it to fit seamlessly into most work spaces.